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Welcome To Gray Gallery and Limited color.

I do seem to get people more interested in less color and wanting gray tones. Depending on the tattoo I like to use more warm gray tones and some dark cool grays in order to give my work some type of depth. I use photo shop to help with the vision of the image a cheat sheet and also able to produce a idea for the client before we get started. Really makes a big difference working on difficult projects. I love more pen and ink styles for gray work looks great with pointillism techniques as well. I hope you enjoy my gray work portfolio gallery, illustrations, realism, black work, and much more. Sincerely Frederick
Celtic Knot

Trinity Knot

Walk in Trinity Knot Celtic back of the neck Black and Gray tones...

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Frederick Nitzman please Email Me: with a tattoo related questions or you can text me at 302-588-4686

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